Thursday, October 28, 2010

My Wool Garden

Everyone's been telling me that I haven't posted in awhile, so here is some of what I've been working on--frankly, I'd rather stitch than type.

I'm busy working on Primitive Garden in wool.  I've had such fun with it.

This is my favorite block so far--the watering can.  It was a little intimidating when I first started on this block, but I'm very happy with how it turned out.

This is a closeup.  Unfortunately my digital camer doesn't do a great job on close-ups.


Applique Wool

I've become infatuated with wool applique.  It's so easy and it's so beautiful.  I'm having a blast.  Sue Spargo has been so inspirational.  She is coming to Quilters Guild of Dallas in February and I've signed up for both her classes.  I've also signed up for her block of the month, which starts in January.

Here is one of her needle keepers.  It was in American Patchwork and Quilting magazine.  I'm adding the last of the embellishments... a few more beads, some couching, then it's done.  The light blue will be the inside (lining).  This is one of my hand-dyed fabrics.  I've been hoarding them but I need to get over it and use them so that I can dye some more!  The rose wool is the place where the needles go on the inside.  It will fold in thirds.

Can't wait to use this one.

Noah's Christmas Pillow

This one is for Romy!

Jack's Pillow

This is a pillow for Jack for Christmas.  The applique is wool.  I think it turned out so cute!  I hope he'll like to have it on his bed the whole month of December.

Christmas stockings

My friend, Bev, and I are responsible for the Winter Blocks for our friendship group this year.  So we decided to give everyone a piece of red wool and a piece of white wool and have them make a stocking block.  The idea is that they can decorate it any way they please.

The stocking on the left is one that I started decorating with some of the decorative stitching on my Pfaff.  The one in the middle is one that I tried to embroider some random designs on.  The stocking on the right is Bev's--she added the antlers and put an eye and nose on Rudolf!  You can easily tell who is more creative out of the two of us!

My pink string quilt

This is something I started with the idea that I would just grab any strips I had already cut. So I went to my drawer of 2" strips (those were for the blocks) and my drawer of 1-1/2" strips (those were for the sashing) and pulled out any that were pastels.

Can you tell which is the block and which is the sashing? Hint: the blocks have 2 fabric strips and the sashing has 3 fabric strips.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Another Tote

I actually made this tote first, before the selvage tote. I based the selvage tote on this pattern but the selvage tote is larger because I started with 9" squares on the selvage tote. I quilted this fabric with fusible fleece and it was my favorite bag until I made the selvage bag.


This is the quilt top that I was working on at the retreat a couple weeks ago. I've finished the top and have now sent it off to be quilted. I'm keeping this one!

First Completed Applique

I've pieced so many quilts but recently decided to learn the back-basting method of applique and I'm so glad that I did. I've got 5-6 applique quilts in the works right now but this is my first finished piece. It's a mini and it was hand-quilted by a friend, Sharron B. She did a wonderful job.

And here's a closeup.

New Tote Bag made with Selvages

I love this bag! I've been collecting selvages for awhile for a quilt, but then I decided to make a bag instead. I really wish that I had started collecting the selvages years ago. I know I've thrown away so many wonderful selvages. Several people have started collecting for me, so I hope my collection will continue to grow so that I can make more of these bags. I'd like to make smaller one.

Here's a view of the bottom of the bag and the gussets on the sides.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010


Spent this weekend at a retreat in Greenbriar in Eustace (sp?) Texas. It was heaven. 11 of us and 3 whole days to quilt. Just made one mistake all weekend--stayed up until 5:00am on Sunday morning talking. Should have just stayed up all night because when everyone started moving around and I smelled coffee, I was up and at it. Should have stayed in bed longer.

The retreat was out in the middle of the boondocks on 90 acres of trees, shrubs, grass, blue bonnets and paintbrush. And we saw a fox and a cat. The food was wonderful--yes, they cooked for us while we quilted. I'd go again in a heartbeat.

I worked on one quilt all day Friday and then Saturday morning I found that I had not brought enough material to finish it. So Saturday afternoon everyone piled into cars and we went to a local quilt shop and when we got back I started working on something else. I've almost finished it now and I'll post a photo in a couple days.

Saturday evening I made 5 pillowcases for my niece and her children. I'll post photos of them too.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The title

The reason for the title is that it's my favorite saying: "The afternoon knows what the morning never suspected." It just seems that no matter what we plan for our days, life gets in the way. Or maybe it's just life. I just know that I don't count on plans working out. If I wanted to fight everything that happened because it meant that I didn't do what I thought I was going to do, I would unhappy much of the time.

My first Blog

This is my first blog. I've just set this up and don't know what I'm going to do with it, but here goes...