Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Tote Bag made with Selvages

I love this bag! I've been collecting selvages for awhile for a quilt, but then I decided to make a bag instead. I really wish that I had started collecting the selvages years ago. I know I've thrown away so many wonderful selvages. Several people have started collecting for me, so I hope my collection will continue to grow so that I can make more of these bags. I'd like to make smaller one.

Here's a view of the bottom of the bag and the gussets on the sides.


  1. Wow, I love this! It turned out great. I'm still collecting selvedges but not sure what I'll make. I don't have alot yet. We'll see...

  2. Sharon!!! I was totally taken with your tote bag when you showed it at Show & Tell during the May meeting of the Garland Quilt Guild! In fact, it started a bit of a selvedge obsession with me, not to mention trying to find anyone who knew where the pattern could be found. Since I had only glanced at your face, having eyes only for that fabulous bag, even though you opened the bag and showed me your beautiful floral lining, I couldn't for the life of me describe you to other guild members who might be able to name you, so that I could ask you! But!!! I was on, and someone linked to Selvedge, and I waded through that, and what should I find but your picture with that gorgeous tote bag!

    So... a quick check of our guild directory, and there you were in all your glory!

    Great job, and I hold you totally responsible for my newest fixation!

    I hope you'll bring your bag to the July meeting so that I can oogle it again and ask you a couple of questions!

    Marsha who will be demonstrating FMQ at the July meeting