Tuesday, August 2, 2011


This is a row quilt that one of our Sew What's members, Martha, is givng us the pattern month-by-month.  January was snowflakes, February is hearts... you get it.  I've finished June but haven't sew it on just yet.  I'll post more pics as it progresses.

I started making big squares with Kaffe Fassett fabric, with the idea that it would become a king-sized quilt.  But the more squares I made the more "bulls-eye-ish" it looked.  So I cut them in half on the diagonal, and rearranged them, but didn't like that either.  But my niece loves Kaffe Fassett, so she took the diagonal-cut pieces and I breathed easier because I didn't have to figure out what to do with them.

Then I had some blocks partly pieced and I started hanging them on the design wall and started filling in with smaller blocks and this is what I got.  I'm putting the binding on it now.

This is another Primitive Garden wool block.  I did a lot of embroidery work on the flowers, but I like it.

More birds...  This is a pillow front in wool.  I have the back cut out but it's an odd shape so I have to decide if I want to border it with another fabric to fit a standard pillow form, or make an inner pillow case and stuff it to fit this size.  Haven't decided yet.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Kayleen's Bali Quilt

I don't especially like Bali fabrics, but my daughter does.  So I was in a block exchange with a group of friends and we traded these blocks over the course of a year.  Very easy and forgiving blocks.  It really was pretty in the end but I still don't especially like Bali fabrics.  LOL

Sue Spargo pillow

This is a wool Sue Spargo pillow.  It was a kit from her website.  The fabric in the back is what I used to make an inner pillow to hold the stuffing.  Then I inserted it into the outer wool pillow form.

It was very fun to make.  I love Sue Spargo's selection of fabrics and colors.

My niece has this one on her bed.

Primitive Garden in wool

This was the first block I made of Primitive Garden.  It was my third project using wool applique.  I love it!  I showed you the watering can in a previous post.  I've got all the blocks done and one border.  Three more borders to go!  I'm loving working on this.


Macy taking a nap in the sun.  I wish I could relax that much when I sleep!

More Mickey

This is Mickey taking a nap on top of a pile of quilts. 

Charity Quilt

The raffle quilt for next year at Mesquite Quilt Guild will be a Sun Bonnet Sue blue embroidery design.  This was my contribution.  Isn't she cute?

Wild and Wonderful closeups

These are some close-ups of the quilt I call "Wild and Wonderful".  Can you identify those men's shirt fabrics?  They really are "wild and wonderful"!

Macy helping me quilt

This is Macy.  She loves to help me quilt and iron.  She likes it when I move the iron and leave a hot spot so she can roll around on it to get the warmth.  I have to be very careful where I set the iron when she's around!

Miscellaneous bag stuff

These are some zippered bags that I've been working on.  I cut up a bracelet and made zipper pulls with the 8-balls for my daughter and a friend, who both play pool.   All finished and given away.

8-Ball Fabric

I love buying old men's clothing and cutting it up for quilts.  This is one fine example of someone's sense of humor.  Since I run a Billiards League I thought it was pretty appropriate that I buy this pair of men's pajamas and use this fabric in a quilt.
Another view.

Kaffe Fasset Quilt

This one is finished but this is pictures as it was in-progress.  My niece has made it very clear that she wants it.  I love it when someone clearly lets me know that they would appreciate one of my quilts--let's me know that they will want it enough to take care of it, use it, and keep it.

Here's a picture of what it looked like in the beginning but I didn't like it and so I changed it to what you see above.

Retreat Quilt

I worked on this Wild and Wonderful quilt at the last retreat in April.  I do want to finish it sometime soon.  I think I'll have to keep this one.  Almost every block has a fabric from men's shirts I bought at Goodwill and cut up.  Funky.

Mesquite Quilt Guild meeting

This is the row quilt I'm working on month-by-month.  See, January is the snowflakes, February is the hearts, and so on...

Friday, June 24, 2011

Mesquite Quilt Show

The Mesquite Quilt Show is today and tomorrow and since I have a tournament tomorrow I have to go today.  But my air conditioning is out and they are coming at 3:00 to fix it, so I guess I won't get to stay as long as I'd like.

My niece, Rachel, is going with me. I hope she will have seen enough by the time I drag her away. 

I have two quilts in the show--I'll try to post pictures tomorrow.   I also entered several mini's, a couple of which were hand-quilted by my friend, Sharron.  Last year she and I won the Mini Best of Show, with my piecing/binding and her wonderful quilting.  I had to buy it back so it's on my wall.  I also bought several mini's from other people, so I suppose this year will be no exception.  For a good cause, right?  LOL  I'll post pictures of anything I take home.

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Wool Caddy

This is my latest wool project.  A friend brought me the picture she had torn out of a magazine and gave it to me, saying "I want one of those."  We laughed and I'm sure she never thought I'd make it for her.  I'm giving it to her tonight at a quilt guild meeting.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

This is a quilt that I made a couple years ago and just got quilted.  I bought the fabric in the border and came home, determined not to buy anymore fabric.  I wanted to use only fabric from my stash.  I got carried away and finished the quilt top in about a week.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Me with my selvedge bag

4-patch in a square

This was a quilt I started working on as a leader/ender quilt.  Then it was spotted
by a quilt guild when I did a program on "what to do with scraps".  So we
decided to do it as a block exchange.  Over 9 months we traded these
little 5" blocks.  I'm still making them and adding rows as I go along.  I'd like
to make it big enough for a king-sized bed.  I think I might already have enough now.

I want to make this again. Simple string quilt.

Not quite finished

This is the first block in the Sue Spargo BOM this year.  I have already started the bullion stitches all over the flower, but they were not done yet in this picture.

More of the wool Primitive Garden quilt (bottom)

Notice the writing on the background of the block on top.  I designed that fabric on

The start of a new quilt--always fun!