Sunday, May 2, 2010

Another Tote

I actually made this tote first, before the selvage tote. I based the selvage tote on this pattern but the selvage tote is larger because I started with 9" squares on the selvage tote. I quilted this fabric with fusible fleece and it was my favorite bag until I made the selvage bag.


This is the quilt top that I was working on at the retreat a couple weeks ago. I've finished the top and have now sent it off to be quilted. I'm keeping this one!

First Completed Applique

I've pieced so many quilts but recently decided to learn the back-basting method of applique and I'm so glad that I did. I've got 5-6 applique quilts in the works right now but this is my first finished piece. It's a mini and it was hand-quilted by a friend, Sharron B. She did a wonderful job.

And here's a closeup.

New Tote Bag made with Selvages

I love this bag! I've been collecting selvages for awhile for a quilt, but then I decided to make a bag instead. I really wish that I had started collecting the selvages years ago. I know I've thrown away so many wonderful selvages. Several people have started collecting for me, so I hope my collection will continue to grow so that I can make more of these bags. I'd like to make smaller one.

Here's a view of the bottom of the bag and the gussets on the sides.