Friday, June 24, 2011

Mesquite Quilt Show

The Mesquite Quilt Show is today and tomorrow and since I have a tournament tomorrow I have to go today.  But my air conditioning is out and they are coming at 3:00 to fix it, so I guess I won't get to stay as long as I'd like.

My niece, Rachel, is going with me. I hope she will have seen enough by the time I drag her away. 

I have two quilts in the show--I'll try to post pictures tomorrow.   I also entered several mini's, a couple of which were hand-quilted by my friend, Sharron.  Last year she and I won the Mini Best of Show, with my piecing/binding and her wonderful quilting.  I had to buy it back so it's on my wall.  I also bought several mini's from other people, so I suppose this year will be no exception.  For a good cause, right?  LOL  I'll post pictures of anything I take home.

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