Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Sue Spargo Victoria Knitting Bag

Almost finished with this bag.  It's a Sue Spargo pattern from 2004 that's been revitalized since she's become more well-known. 

Although I love her creative work, her patterns do sometimes leave a little to be desired.  She says in the pattern that she used mostly wools on this bag, however the only wool used is in the floral applique block.  The rest is upholstery fabrics, which I had on-hand, by the way!  I didn't even buy them together.

I did what I sometimes do, which was to pull out a bunch of fabrics that I think would work well together and then I try to talk myself out of them.  This time I decided to just "do it".  And it worked, as it usually does.

I need to get a bottom board cut for it.  This is another thing about the pattern.  She tells you that you need a 1/4" thick baseboard but the lining/sleeve that is cut for it does not allow for the 1/4" thickness--I needed another 1/2" to allow for the thickness on both sides--and also needed another 1/4" or so just to allow room to slip it in.

Here's a closeup of the wool applique block:

I used little pieces of wool from my left-over box.

I've since added some buttons across the top panel for decoration and interest.  I'll try and take some finished pictures when I've gotten it completely done.  Until then, I love it!

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