Monday, September 19, 2016

Kayleen's Choice

I started this quilt after being inspired by a Tula Pink pattern that was on the cover of a magazine.  I changed the orientation of the blocks and enlarged it.

I was loving it!  I wanted to crochet around the entire quilt so I bought a pretty teal blue aqua cotton crochet thread and a new crochet hook.  I had given all of mine away long ago since all I did anymore was quilt.  But I had been inspired by a quilt I saw at The Christmas Goose quilt shop in Las Vegas in April.  There was gorgeous crocheting around the edge of the entire quilt.  At first I thought it was lace that had been applied but found out it was hand-crocheted.  I loved it so I wanted to do it for myself on a quilt that I would keep.  All that work, ya know?

So my daughter came to visit in August and I was showing her quilts I was working on.  She had told me a few years ago that she had enough quilts.  Really?  Can anyone have ENOUGH quilts?  Well, okay.  But I sent her a new one at Christmas last year anyway because it just reminded me of her "style".

But I really don't think about making quilts for her anymore since she didn't seem interested in owning any more.  But wait...

I made this quilt for myself.  Wait...

She says "I'd take that one".  Huh?  The one I made for myself?  The one I loved?  The one I wanted to spend hours crocheting around?  The one with Freda Khalo all over the back?  The one with the yellow/green fabric that I adore?  reeeaaallly?

What we do for our children...

Guess who's getting the quilt for Christmas this year?

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