Monday, May 6, 2013

OMG! A load of feed sacks!

Well, she called.  The garage sale lady called; I went to her house and she took me out to the garage where she had 4 boxes of feed sacks.  I was speechless.  She just kept pulling them out.  So of course I bought them all.  I even gave her more money than she asked for because she asked for such a ridiculously small amount that I felt guilty.  

But she kept saying that she wanted them to go to someone who wanted them and would use them.  And we all know--that's me!

So I loaded 4 boxes into my trunk and hurried home to rummage through them.  They all smelled musty and many had spots on them so I knew I was going to have to soak them to get those spots out.  I didn't even know, that day, how many were there.  I started loading a few into a soak bath--boy, did they stink--and started cleaning them.

In the end, a few days later, I counted and found that there were 96!  96 pieces of mostly whole feed sacks. There were some that had squares cut out of them but most of them are at least half a sack and quite a few are whole.  Then there were pieces of 24" wide fabric, some of which appeared to be feed sack and some that looked like bought fabric.  Some very beautiful pieces.  Some cute.   Some downright ugly.  But even they are great, being that they are feed sacks, in all their glory.

I'm a very happy woman!

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