Friday, March 8, 2013

Garage Sale Finds!

I was out-and-about today and saw that my neighbor up the street was having a garage sale.  So, being a good neighbor, :) I stopped.  I'd want her to stop at mine, right?

She had a very colorful polyester quilt that no one had bought--and I didn't buy it either--and she also had a bag of fabric.  So of course I went digging through it.  And lo and behold, there were some feedsacks in there!  

So I asked how much she wanted and she said "make me an offer." Well, I don't like taking advantage of people, so I didn't answer her, and just kept digging through the bag.  So after pulling out these 5 pieces of fabric she said "one dollar."  

As I got out my money I asked her if she had any other fabric and she said no.  "What do you want to make?" she asked.  I told her that I make quilts and she said no, she didn't have any more quilting fabric.  As I picked up the 5 pieces I said, "these two are feedsack" (the green floral and the purple and orange stripe).  She acknowledged that they were and said, (AND I QUOTE), "You want to make quilts with feedsacks?"  Like she couldn't believe it.  And this woman was at least 7-8 years older than I am.  Which means, without giving away my age, she has been on Social Security for a number of years.

When I said "yes", she said "Oh, I have a whole box of feedsacks."  I know my mouth fell open and I just stared at her.  She went on to say that she did not have them there with her but that I was welcome to them and if I would leave my name and number then she would call me to come and get them.  If she only charged me one dollar for these 5 fabrics, then I was in hog-heaven (as we say in Texas) to think how little I might get away with paying for a WHOLE BOX of feedsacks!

Of course I gave her my cell number.  And I'll be waiting by the phone.

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